Duties and Responsibilities of Company Secretaries

The company secretary’s duties include the following:

  • making the directors aware of their duties, responsibilities and powers;
  • providing advice on legal compliance matters affecting the company;
  • reporting to the board any failures to comply with the provisions of the company’s MOI, the company’s rules or the Companies Act, 2008;
  • ensuring that minutes of all shareholder meetings, board meetings and any committee meetings are properly recorded;
  • certifying in the company’s annual financial statements whether the company has filed all necessary returns and notices, and whether those returns and notices appear to be true, correct and up to date;
    • ensuring that a copy of the company’s financial statements is sent to every person who is entitled to it;
    • mainting the company’s records, providing access to authorised persons to such records, and filing the company’s annual returns with the CIPC.

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