How to guide - New Client form

6 Sections will be covered in this article:

  1. Company Information
  2. Individual Information
  3. Address Details
  4. Contact Details
  5. T&C's / Data gathering
  6. Errors

Section 1 - Company Information

This section is optional, however should you wish to be able to claim back VAT then its a must. If you don't have a registered company then please don't insert the company name you wish to register. 

Remember guys this is a new client form and not a company registration form. The purpose of this form is to gather the basic information for the company / individual responsible for payment at the end of the day. 

Section 2 - Individual Information

This section is not optional. We need to know the details of the responsible person. If the above company information section has been completed then this individual details placed below would normally be the details of the individual in the accounts department. 

Section 3 - Address Details

Another non optional Section. Guys we need to know where you operate from. Basic Physical and postal address. 

Section 4 - Contact Details

Optional and non Optional section. Please complete as much information as possible. Guys this is how we contact you. Very important that this section is accurate. 

Section 5 - T&C's / Data gathering

This section covers a few different topics. The most important part is the acceptance of our T&C's which can be viewed on our website

There is some Marketing information as well as a brief Comment block to give us info on your requirements. 

Section 6 - Errors

Should for some reason you forget or incorrectly complete a section our form will highlight the section in question. This is just another small way we try help our clients so that nothing is missed. 

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