How to Guide - Change of directors form

6 Sections will be covered in this article:

  1. Client Contact details
  2. Company Information
  3. Alternations
  4. New directors details
  5. Resigning directors details
  6. Additional directors

Section 1 - Client Contact details

This non optional section must be completed in full. The details placed here will be the details of the individual / company billed. This also reflect the email address we will use to send all correspondence / documents to. You can use your client reference number (example THE003) or your job number (example J003491). 

Section 2 - Company Information

Another non optional Section. The company and registration number stated below will be the entity we will be attending to. Please don't place a "Trading As" name, please use the name registered with CIPC. 

Section 3 - Alternations

Another compulsory section. Firstly a shelf company is a preregistered entity which was purchased currently from us. If you purchased a shelf company from us and changed the directors details then that entity is no longer a Shelf company. Please keep that in mind. 

Currently the below view states "Yes" to the question: is this a shelf company? When this option is selected we will automatically know that our current director need to be resigned and the newly selected directors to be appointed. 

When you select "No" to the question: is this a shelf company? The form view will change. You will now be able to resign your own director. 

Section 4 - New directors details

When you select a Number a number new directors the form will alter again. You will need to populate that form with the relevant information. below image reflects just a small clip of what needs to be completed. This information will repeat for the first 3 new directors. 

Section 5 - Resigning directors details

When you select a Number of resigning directors the form will alter again. This information will repeat for the first 3 resigning directors. 

Section 6 - Additional directors

Should you have selected more than 3 directors (at the top of the form) then please click the submit button. You will automatically be taken to the next page.  

The Additional directors forms will request you to complete the companies name again. The reason for this is to make 100% sure we appoint the correct directors to the correct entity. 

Select the number of required additional directors. The form will alter as above, then complete

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